Sunday, November 29, 2009
crystal clear

The last few days--except for Friday....have been crystal clear here in Los Angeles....At least it's been very very clear from here on my hill! My trees.....I love my trees. Above, a little closer look a few moments later as the sun continued it's descent in the west.....On Friday, it was somewhat cloudy and a bit overcast.....And as the sun set on Friday, below is what the sky looked like behind my trees....... And a closer look at this lovely sunset, below...... And just a few moments before....look below at this amazing wonder of colors........ And going in closer....... And below, closer yet--once again....... Sometimes, the camera just cannot capture the true colors as I see them....perhaps it is the limitations of me or of my camera.....Whatever it is, still----what the camera does capture is quite extraordinary. And.....a few moments later.....this picture above. The variations of color are pretty astounding and takes ones breath away.......Once again, nature gives us "art"......! And today......out of the clear blue sky came this cloud cluster.....More 'art' created by nature.....! Below.....a closer look....... I never ever tire of all that I can see from my deck, here on the hill. That's the Pacific Ocean out there on the horizon.....I guess that was clear without my saying anything because the sun always does set in the west.....But just in case you didn't really look......There it is, my dears......And there are my trees......!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009
happy turkey day

"If it isn't "chocolate" it's a Vegetable to me....."...said my old friend Carole Cook....and how true that! The Chocolate Turkeys above are a Thanksgiving Day Tradition for me. As children we had Chocolate Turkeys from Scrafft's....(One day I will do a post about Schrafft's....) and then from Fanny Farmer.....After I moved out here to Los Angeles, I discovered See's Candy. The Chocolate Turkeys, as seen above, come from See's and have since 1961! Though I cannot go anywhere anymore I still send the Chocolate Turkey's to the home where I had spent many Thanksgivings, where there are lots of children who now think of this as a tradition, too..... So.....I wish each and everyone of you the Happiest of Thanksgivings.....Do eat well! And enjoy all the people you are with....! All kidding aside.....Do have a truly Happy Thanksgiving.....! And if you are traveling...Drive Safe and Fly Safe........ Now....I really mean, 'all kidding aside'....... Enjoy, Enjoy!

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

I love abstractions where flowers are concerned....The colors and the shadows of the shades of this flower above pleases my whole being in a way that I can't put into words. In this case, there is a Dalia or two.... The dark and the light---the almost 'white' next to the dark pink-into-almost-magenta. It knocks me out! Even the soft focus pleases my eye and my inner sensibility....The beauty of natures magic always effects me in such a positive uplifting way....It's like 'music' to my eyes..... I love that touch of yellow in the background....And, again, the almost white against the shocking pink. The shape of these petals is so very beautiful, too...... Pulling back a little, we see more of the flower.....The beauty speaks for itself. This one above almost looks unreal, as if it was painted....But it wasn't. It is just another view of some more of these amazing petals..... Another one with a bit of yellow over on the right....again, the shape of the petals just takes my breath away, as well as the almost white-going-into-pink----colors that astound and please in ways I cannot explain, I just know what I feel. Another view of this exquisite flower. I get all caught up in these delicate amazing flowers.....The truth is, I am never bored by natures creations. If anything I am continually fascinated and could take picture after picture after picture.....And, do! And above, one more view of the Dahlia's that were in this very gorgeous arrangement by the ever wonderful 'Van' of The Conservatory....There were many other flowers, too.....I don't know the name of this flower above, (But I bet Judy does...) I think the color is so very very beautiful and soft.....I could lose myself in this color---pale pale lavender---my very favorite color in the whole world! To me, the Rose up above is pure perfection! Everything about it---the irregular shape; the color; and that very sweet flower right next to it. A perfect picture....I think I need to call Van on Monday and get a special Thanksgiving arrangement. I need it for my soul....And you can be sure pictures will be taken....!

More To Come........

Note: Forty-Six years ago today, the world changed forever. John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. The next four days the country and the world tried to recover from the shocking events of that Friday....We watched, glued to our televisions, as our young President laid in state while thousands upon thousands of people passed by and paid their respects. We watched as the dead Presidents young widow, along with the rest of his family, buried our President, and we wept and wept and wept, in disbelief, that such a thing could happen in our country. Now, all of his brothers are dead as are all but one of his sisters, and so is his widow, as well as his only son, little 'John-John'. May they all Rest In Peace, and may something as horrible as this, never ever, ever, happen again.

Thursday, November 19, 2009
sweetie cuddles up

Sweetie cuddles up to me and Rabies cuddles up to Sweetie....So, as you can see, Sweetie and Rabies are pals.....In fact, the only time he 'attacked' Rabies was in that one Video....I took about four more Videos and 'nada'! And there they are....the two darlings. Sweetie is completely relaxed and so is Rabies....I love this picture and these next ones, too.....! I think they look so very cute together....I don't know what Sweetie is thinking about here...but, again, he is very relaxed....Actually, I think he was napping and I kind of woke him because I moved over to where he was sitting with Rabies.......In this picture above, Rabies looks like he is sleeping with his eyes! I love how Sweetie's got that leg of his out front...Such a 'cat-like' position....Rabies and Sweetie have really bonded, haven't they? Above.....this was on a different day and I thought it would be fun to have Rabies sitting right on Sweetie....He, Sweetie, seemed very happy about the whole thing! They look like they are watching television weren't!I just love how dear they look together, In this picture above Sweetie couldn't be more relaxed and Rabies makes you think that he too is just about to go to sleep.....What a combination.....! Indeed.....they make quite a pair......I think Rabies is very much enjoying his visit here in Hollywood......And speaking of "Hollywood", look where Rabies found himself...... Rabies says: "Here I am at Lake Hollywood. And this was on the way to the most iconic visual in Hollywood....." (See Below, please....) "Well....they had to strap me to a stick to get it to look like I am right there next to The Hollywood Sign, but, it was worth it! I mean how many monkeys get to not only see The Hollywood Sign, but get to be in a picture with it? What a fabulous day that was, though I am very glad I am not on that stick"

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Sunday, November 15, 2009
sweetie and his pal "rabies"

So, "Rabies" was just sitting on the couch, minding his own business when 'guess who'---yes, my dear Sweetie---came up on the couch and immediately noticed Rabies sitting there....... He was certainly interested in who this stranger-person was....That's Shawn's leg in the bottom of the picture. Sweetie knows Shawn and is quite comfortable with him.....(We took Rabies out for a little ride after Sweetie got to know him a wee bit.....) As most cats do.....Sweetie started checking Rabies out by sniffing him. Very typical. Cats seem to know an awful lot by smell, don't they? Sweetie got in even closer, continuing his sniffing ---exploring that lower digit of Rabies as if it was really going to tell him something of great importance....! And for all we know, it did! Then he moved up a bit to Rabies arm, and continued his investigation by sniffing him....I always love the concentration that one sees with cats. They become intent on their mission and they don't stop until they have gathered all the information they can......
Now....he is looking Rabies right in the eye. Sweetie seems to be assessing the whole situation....'Who is this little long legged long armed guy? And what is he doing here on the hill?' Above, Sweetie seems to be thinking this all over. What to do next? Where to go to get more information? Hmmmmmm. Okay. I think there is more information to be had by going back to this 'digit'. Sweetie is thinking: 'I need to really get in there and check this foot out with my complete and full concentration......Look closer, below.... And that.....led to this, below....... LOL, LOL.....And the above "attack" led to this really cute and funny video below......Sweetie as only Sweetie can be....So cute and so very lovable! It is worth the wait, believe me, to watch as he decides what he is going to or not going to do.....! My favorite thing about the way Sweetie does, is---you think he is not interested. And actually see the moment he kind of decides to do something....! We don't know what, until he actually does it...but.....Well, you will!

More To Come........

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I have a visitor....! "Rabies" the Monkey.....He is the cutest dearest little fella I have ever seen....Rabies travels around the country visiting people....Visiting fellow bloggers, actually. His most recent trip was to visit Scarlet, in Miami, Florida, which is where I first saw him....His Mommy or should I say 'friend', in Oregon, Rachel, was kind enough to allow him to come on down and visit with me now....Rabies does get around! I had hoped he might get here before my Halloween "Ladies Who Lunch", but that was not possible. But I wanted him to see some of what he missed.....Above, that's some Germicidal Soap that Bridget gave me.....And here below, here he is with some Candy Corn...... Doesn't he look cute sitting there? Dear Rabies actually arrived about a week after my lunch and I am very very pleased that he is here now. And I have been introducing him to a few people since his arrival.....Dear Kim was here at my house a day or two after Rabies arrived, and she fell in love with him, too..... And honestly....I think he kind of fell in love with her, as well.....He sure seems happy in this next picture, doesn't he? And he really cuddled up to her and seemed very very happy sitting on her lap....And he seemed really in dreamland leaning on her arm......Doesn't he have the dearest sweetest face? Just look at him!I have a feeling Kim and Rabies will be seeing a lot more of each other during the time he will be here with me in Hollywood.....Next, on this past Tuesday night, Dianne came over so I could "cue" her in the play "The Price" by Arthur Miller....(They are doing it at Theatre West in February....And what a wonderful play it is.....) And she too fell in love with dear Rabies....She was holding him and she said..."He just wants to put his arms around my neck....."And then she actually said, "Oh, he is so very comforting!"And he really was very very comforting to her..... There is something about dear Rabies....everyone falls in love with him. And do you know, he stayed there on her chest with his arms around her neck the entire time we worked together---which was about two and a half hours! There will be much more about Rabies as these next weeks go by....He will be with me through New Years and so will be joining all of us at my annual New Years gathering....What Fun....! Next time I will share Sweetie's greeting and reaction to dear Rabies.....Here below is just a little tease with Sweetie.......Rabies and Sweetie were great great friends by the time I took this picture.......

More To Come........

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