Monday, March 29, 2010
house of tile - part 4

This looks like a door, and maybe it actually is a door, but I don't think so....The staircase in the foreground makes a hard right turn, right there at that door that isn't a door, and then continues up to the next level....Unfortunately I am not able to do stairs anymore---except one or two, so I have to take all the pictures from the street level.....Below, a somewhat closer look at this amazing group of designs...... This door that isn't a door butts right up against the Garage wall.....and that metal thing in the foreground is part of the front gate at the street level......Incidentally, to the right of the steps are more exquisite designs, which I will show you after I show you more of this very beautiful section.... Getting in a little closer---as always, there is much more detail one can admire....most of which you really don't take in from afar.....Like this closer look at the curve and background tiles below..... I am in awe of all these areas that Mr. Ehling has created so that there is always something more than one thought, upon a closer look....That section going around the curve and then the other section right up against the emblematic area....Stunning....! And above...looking really closely at that amazing center design.....And more look at this particular section....... And if you check out the bottom section, underneath the is different--yet again---from it's counterpart on top! I have this need to show you close-up all the many nuances and subtleties that Mr. Ehling has created---I think because I am so in awe of the creative spirit that he has brought to this incredible work of 'art'----and the thought and time that has gone into every detail...... Above is a rather peculiar angle of the side of the garage and the "door" that isn't a door that you just saw, plus a whole bunch of other designs. I was standing on the second step and was very close to the wall.....Do click on this to make it bigger and you will see an amazing Square Hole that is completely tiled as well...... Closer in on that wall in the picture above....Look at how exacting and even all of the tiles are....Amazing.....And the design of that star figure to the right is just fantastic...! As with all of these pictures do click on this one to make it bigger...then you can see how intricate and detailed all of this work is----it is truly astounding....! Below, we have seen this before, but not from the angle I was able to get it at the other day..... I was very taken with the curve of those beautiful bright green tiles---even wondering where they came from....And from this angle I was able to see them better...And below...a much closer look at the red tiles in this design..... can see the curve of the green tiles even better---plus a glossy quality not found in any of the other tiles here ...Also, I find the red section fascinating because it is not just red tiles...but red and pink and pale lavender and even some orange here and there, etc., etc....But, when you see it from afar, it looks red. This is what is to the right of this staircase....More density of designs....A closer look below of that one section....... And when you look to the right---into the Rock Garden which is right next to this staircase-----there is a rather uneven tiled walkway which leads to a somewhat uneven staircase...... Below....a little closer look at this walkway as well as a partial look at the Rock Garden........ And even closer look at the actual tiles of the walkway...... I love that there are some tiles--here and there--that have a design on them....And it is interesting too, that this is the only area that I could see that has this uneven look. One can only surmise that it is purposeful....Below, a closer look at the steps....... I love that he used all these small roundish stones to form the steps and then some tiles for the top of the step itself....Beyond this area is another amazing construction. It appears to be a Fountain, though it wasn't 'on' when I was there......And here it is below....! Besides these beautiful tiers, there are some lovely 'pictures' in the front on either side of this Fountain area....On the left, behind that plant is this lovely tiled picture below. And below, on the right side, there is another 'picture'......Sweet Birds..... And there are still more areas of this house that you haven't seen yet! I know, it is overwhelming in a way, but oh so very beautiful and thrilling, too.....So, there will be a Part 5, believe it or not....!

More To Come.........

Friday, March 26, 2010
house of tile - part 3

This section of 'the Tile House' is over on the left, up at the top....It really looks like it is Indian or Egyptian or somewhere in the Middle East.....Again, he has incorporated so very many designs in this one area.....Let's look more closely....... I find this all so incredibly inspiring. To see this kind of "art" be part of a home---a three dimensional view of such artistic proportions....Well, it is art that is 'living'......I deeply appreciate 'art' that you can hang on your walls or that sits on your coffee table----as in sculpture. But to be able to live in your work of art and still share it with the world....This is fantastic! And by the way, I have found out that the Artist-Owner is named George Ehling, and he has lived in this house for close to fifty years and is STILL creating these incredible Mosaics, everywhere, even on the inside of the house...... I am just in awe of the time it took to create each and every area of this house.....Look at these two lower sections---look at the detail....! Above....a closer look at that ball-like structure....Look at the complexity of this......As I said in my first post about Mosaics....I have a small idea of what went into the creation of all of this beauty, having made a number of Mosaic tables in my youth......The precision; the artistry---well, it takes my breath away as I have already said. And then....looking at entirely different area of the house.....Remember the wall going around the front of the house? Here....let me remind you......Besides the Rock Garden there in the front, which is quite wonderful all by itself....waaaay at the very end of the front wall is another small wall, butting up against it.....And with such a pretty design........ GORGEOUS! I love the colors and the fantastic design....and the Optical Illusion......How did he think of this?? This is---Genius! And then...let's look even closer, please......... Remember....each and every one of these tiles was "cut" by him, and "placed" by just this one tiny section of wall, there are Hundreds of Tiles....maybe even thousands......! This is a true work of art......Now, Going back up to the house itself once below, a window that is truly magnificent in every way...... And as you can see, there are any number of designs included here---even the wall of the house has an extremely complex design....But my favorite design of all, I think, is the one going all around the outside of this window itself....So complex and so very very Beautiful....!The design is stunning...the colors are stunning, and I cannot get over how perfect it all is....! I am telling you, this is very very hard to do! And I love that thin blue line of tile just on the inside, kind of framing the window and completing that exquisite design....Another close look, below...... Then....underneath this window is kind of a window box-type structure, and look what he has done with that!
I cannot get over the many complexities of all these designs...Look at those tiles underneath.....The detail of all of this---is utterly stunning to me! Some people may never even notice all this underneath stuff---but, it is there to admire and to marvel at! Let's look more closely at that incredible side design....... Utterly Amazing.....! And, believe it or not, yes, there is still more to be seen of this house which is a true work of art.........! Below, a more complete look at that man underneath the window we've just seen....... Getting in closer on this section above.....Wherever you look....there is a design....Below, a closer look at the 'portrait' and it's surrounding red tiles.............. It is almost overwhelming to take it all in---and, in a way, one visit just doesn't do it---at least, not for me.....I keep hoping that Mr. Ehling will be outside working on some area when I am there and then I can talk to him.....Meanwhile.....there is still........

More To Come..........

NOTE: I hope you all aren't bored with all this because I plan on posting some more.......

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
more of the house of tile

This is the wall that is actual the side of the garage that faces the much going on here---so many different designs and so many different colors.....I love how all of this seems to have been done 'at random', but there is no way that could have been the case. So much thought has gone into every area--every section...And in the first picture above, you can see how different things look when the sun is on it......Plus, looking more closely......there are these optical illusions, too. Do you see what I mean? When I look at all the different surfaces and all the different designs, it makes me think about the time it took for this talented dedicated man to do all this...... This picture still part of the side wall of the garage....Look at that section of green, red and blue....Amazing....! And below....a closer look at these tiles....Those Green pieces seem to have a kind of curve to them....And then the Blue and the Red are so tiny....Imagine the time it took to do just these sections.....It is mind boggling! Then....up above this section, is this next area seen in the picture below...... Again, there are a lot of different designs happening. And each one is a time consuming exacting job......Let's look at that circular section a bit closer...... Please do click on this to make it bigger....And just look at all the work that went into the background design as well as the interior of that circular type emblem.....And going in a little bit closer to the center of that....... When you look at all the detailing of these designs...I tell you, I don't know how he was able to get those circles so incredibly perfect and neat, too! This man is not only an "artist" but he is a perfectionist, as well. The center of this emblem is so incredibly complicated....It is truly awesome, to use a much over-used word, but in this case it is "awesome"! Be sure to make this picture above, bigger....I need you to see that 'ribbon' design that goes across at least half the expanse of the house....I'm going to go in closer, but, it will really give you a truer idea of the kind of work that has gone into all of these Mosaic a little closer on what I'm calling the "ribbon" design....I have no idea what he calls it, but I'm calling it that just as an identifying name.....And by the way---just look at all the other designs in that picture above---the edge of the garage just underneath the is breath taking....! And then, below....closer, yet again on the "ribbon" design..... And closer and closer we below...... This is fascinating because it looks like he cut off Bottle Bottoms and used those for all the circular parts of this particular design....Blue Bottles and Green Bottles....I don't know that that is what he did...but it looks like it, to me.....And then, I love the bright shocking pink there in the center and the shocking yellow, way up above in that one picture.....And there is more, my much more......Here is another 'treasure-tease', below.......Again, there are so very many designs in this picture above.....There will be a Part 3 and maybe even more than that.....Time will tell......

More To Come.........

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