Tuesday, July 21, 2015
The birthday celebration

Finally, here are some photos of my Birthday Dinner.
I didn't take any of them, at all, but three friends who were there took quite a few pictures, for which I am very very grateful.
That Orchid on the Piano near the Balloons was given to me by my Gardener, Seven.....It is absolutely Gorgeous!

We started fairly early and it was still light outside and a pretty clear day in L.A., so we could see things outside my floor to ceiling windows that aren't always visible......
That is the lovely Bridget Hanley with yours truly----with my 84 shirt and the city behind us.....It was a lovely warm evening, but not too hot like it is now.......
My dear friend Glenn was one of the people taking pictures.......
I was showing him how to use my camera.....And he took a lot of terrific pictures! 
The wonderful Dianne Travis took a lot of pictures, too....In fact she took the one above of Glenn and me......
And there on the left is the lovely Dianne, talking "Horse" talk with the beautiful Karen Culliver Parks......They both love horses and in fact, Dianne has a Beautiful horse named Chisholm who she calls Chis, for short....
And above, there are Karen and Garrett Parks.......it is always lovely for me to be with Betty G.'s boys and their wonderful wives.....This year, daughter Maddy was not her because she is in New York working----of course, it's the family business----Show Business. 
She has the most Beautiful voice and has 
That elusive special quality that some people have, called 'Star Quality'.
Any of you who have been reading my blog for a long time have watched Maddy grow up.....
Well, here is a picture Garrett emailed me the other day----this is the Beautiful Maddy now!

We missed her, but it is thrilling to know she has begun her New York career......I'll keep you updated!
And above, the wonderful Annie Guilbert with Andy Parks, betty G.'s younger son.....
Annie is on an HBO series called "Getting On".....she is such a wonderful actress---stage and TV and film----And what a career! The neighbor on "The Dick Van Dyke" show.....and many years later playing Yetta, The Grandmother, on "The Nanny", and now "Getting On", plus all sorts of plays and films and TV shows all along the way.....She has been in two plays of mine and won an Award for one of them.....It was fabulous to work with her!
And of all the people at this party, I've known Annie, the longest!
 I met her in the early summer of 1962.....when I was singing at this little Piano Bar called Verney's.....Annie was in a show called "Billy Barnes, L.A."....it was a terrific 'review' right next door at The Coronet Theatre.  And Billy played the piano in Verney's, and I sang there.

And just a few months later I met the dear sweet Lee Meriwether when I joined Theatre West, and of course, that's where I met Betty G., too......
It's wonderful to have such dear sweet friends for 53 years. And wonderful that they were celebrating my 84th Birthday with me......
And above, there is Lee with her darling talented husband, Marshal Borden---a superb actor and a fabulous writer, too.
They met doing a play at a Theatre that my sweet friend Earl Holliman ran many years ago.
And there is Earl, arriving-----I've known him for 50 years!  It doesn't seem possible.......And over on the left, the Beautiful Seemah Wilder.....!
I love this picture of Earl---still a handsome devil----with Annie and Bridget.....it was such a fun happy night.
I love that you can see those two Rollators in the background----one is Annie's and one is mine!  We are falling apart but still having fun! LOL!

Part Two will be along sooner than later----

(I hope!)

More To Come........


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