Tuesday, October 30, 2012
happy halloween

A very Happy Halloween, to one and all!  And a special "Hello" to all of you who are struggling with 'Sandy'.....I pray everyone will be alright and that this storm and it's aftermath will go away as soon as possible.....! Be Safe!

More To Come......

Wednesday, October 17, 2012
some acting things 1975 & 1952

Back in the day....I had a very small part on the TV series called "POLICEWOMAN".  I played a Bank Manager, who's Bank had been robbed. My little scene was with my dear old friend Earl Holliman and the star of the series,  Angie Dickenson. Here is 'the scene'

"They All Wore Gasmasks", became this by-word-phrase between Earl and myself.....We still say....'they all wore gasmasks' as if it were a line from "Hamlet".....lol.....though just for a laugh.....Here is a 'still' or two from that little scene.....
It's kind of fun to see these little scenes here and there......The man that Earl is shaking hands with in the top picture is an actor named Paul Savior. I first met Paul back in 1952 when I was an apprentice at The Sea Cliff Summer Theatre and we did "Petrified Forest"....I played the Mexican maid and Paul was one of the bad guys....
That's me in the checkered blouse and  bandanna on my head and Paul is the man holding the gun.....Sometimes, the world of 'show business' is very small and spans many many years......

More To Come........

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Remembering old times: This was the Fall of 1949. The Social Room in back of The Soroptomist House at USC, which was, indeed, a little old house run by the Soroptomist Club Of Southern California. That's me. (I had bought my first Ukulele, which you see in the picture, at Music City in Hollywood.). There I stood....A cigarette hanging out of my mouth, and in a l-o-n-g skirt, which was the "in" thing of those days--known as "The New Look".....

My grades weren't good enough to get in to any college. But I was accepted at the USC Extension School, because they didn't care about grades, and The Extension classes suited me fine because all of them were in the afternoon/early evening. (Always a Night Owl) Though, in truth, I honestly didn't know what I was doing going to college, at all. I went because ALL of my siblings had gone to college or were still in college...but in truth, I really wasn't interested.  At that point, I didn't know what I wanted to do---though I think in my 'secret heart', I did, but was too unsure to even give voice to what it was I truly wanted to do...That came about a year later and a half later......

Above, a picture of some of us Soroptomist House girls, in Tijuana, Mexico--just over the border from California. An exciting thing to do, back-in-the-day. I'm over on the right---one of my roommates, Jeanne Hamley, is next to me, and Mirium something next to her. Right behind me is Irene MacDonough And next to her was a girl from Iceland who's name eludes me...In front, on the fake horse is Jean Smith.  I'm sorry to say I cannot remember the names of those two really nice young women....Maybe they will come to me at some point!
Below....Ewan Harbrecht, who was part of The Opera contingent, is in the center and that's me on the right, and on the other side of Ewan, a lovely girl, who was from Persia---(now, Iran), again, her name alludes me at the moment.
And.....One last photo of this afternoon....Me, sitting in the Social Room....Smoking, again, still....! OY!
I sometimes wonder what happened to all those girls that lived in that little funny Soroptomist House Dorm.
By 1954-55, I fell out of touch with all of them.
Days gone by....

More To Come......

Note: As you all know, I am now forced to use the NEW Blogger and it really stinks!  Nothing holds. I put the pictures in the center...They don't stay there.  I write certain words in a certain place and find that Blogger has put them somewhere else. AAAARRRGH...This is an improvement??????? There was nothing wrong with the OLD Blogger...I WANT IT BACK!

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