Thursday, December 31, 2015
happy new year!

Wishing You All The Best 



May All Your Dreams Come True
Happiness And Good Health!

More To Come......

Tuesday, December 22, 2015
the holidays are here.......

Have a wonderful Christmas Everyone!

Wishing you all the Joys of The Season!
Be sure to leave some Cookies for you know who,
a little Cat Nip
for his friend!
Remember your loved ones.....
The Darling Sweetie, 
My Loving Pal For Twelve Years......

And after that,
Have A Very Very Happy New Year!!!
May 2016 Be A Happy Healthy Year, Filled with Love and Kindness and Creativity!

More To Come........

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Wishing Everyone A 
Very Happy Thanksgiving!

Have A Wonderful Time!
Eat Well!
Hug Everyone You Love!
Give Thanks For All The Blessings
In Your Life!

More To Come......

Monday, October 12, 2015
a good day.....

They say you shouldn't live in the past-----
well, sometimes the past brings back lovely memories of great times and 'once-in-a-lifetime' experiences, that, in my confined dotage---i.e. (Confined To My Home In My Old Age, that is) makes life with endless Kleenex filled mucous, truly bearable. (I wish Mucous was useful in some way---like for caulking the tub, or building a wall or something....oh isn't!) 
And I am so very grateful to be surrounded by a lot of my past, all of which gives me joy---the the painting of 'The Cows' by Phyliss Manley, that hangs in my bedroom.  Those ladies are comforting and remind me of some lovely times.

So, today was a wonderful day for re-living lovely past memories.
Here's why.
I discovered a new-to-me channel called GET TV......
They are showing the old CBS Judy Garland TV Series----which was a true gem!

Having seen Ms. Garland "live" many times, back in the day, it was just thrilling to see her on television, once again----On Time Warner Cable here in L.A., GET TV is channel 1283! (Who would have ever thought we would be counting into the thousands on our TV Sets...and back when the Judy Garland show first came on the air---no one ever thought we could or would see her every week singing gloriously in our living about special memories) was just Wonderful! Great songs sung by the greatest performer I've ever seen, 'live' in the Palace Theatre and in other Venues, too, including The Hollywood Bowl.
Amazingly, just yesterday----Sunday-----they showed "A STAR IS BORN" (1954) on Turner Classic Movies....I wrote about Garland and this film a long time ago here on my blog---(which is 10 years old this month)----I wrote about going to see this wonderful film with my dear dear Soul Mate, Sammy, on it's opening day in New York---we sat through two showings---you could do that back then, and I think we would have sat through it a third time if we both didn't have something we had to do that evening....So, seeing Ms. Garland's television show today was a true joy!

Right after that hour GET TV showed a 'special' with Carol Channing and Pearl Bailey---it was just fabulous, too.....these two old pro's reminded me of all of the great great talent that is now long-gone.....

True Broadway and Show Business legends---superb performers of such a high caliber---another terrific hour.....

Then, they showed one of the old Merv Griffin Shows----and two of the guests were Carl Reiner  and Robert Kennedy....!

The time spent with each of the guests was longer than we get now, and it was precious----today, your lucky if a guest on one of the popular daytime and/or night time 'talk' shows gets 5 minutes!!!
Back when we opened on Broadway in "Spoon River", The Today Show gave us a half hour! Can you imagine? A whole half-hour!

I don't know what else GET TV broadcasts, but I think there are more Variety Shows as well as some older films. There are commercials which, I understand, pay the bills, but I cannot watch films that are interrupted by the selling of stuff----Viagra, Reverse Mortgages, Inhalers, etc.....
The Variety shows and the old talk shows----I expect that; but not where films are concerned.....
So.....this was a very good day as far as I'm concerned.
Kleenex and Mucous, be damned!

And you know,
I'm so grateful that I got to live through The Golden Age of Broadway, and the films of the Great Studio days---
It all brings back memories of wonderful times and to be able to see some of it again, though in a different format, well......I'm very grateful for that, too.....

And I'll be watching Judy Garland next Monday night, once again......
I'll let you know if there are other wonderful goodies coming our way when I know about them........

More To Come......

Monday, September 07, 2015
birthday - part 3

And was almost time for the cake!
I always get the same dark chocolate cake from "Sweet Lady Jane's".
It is rich and dense and incredibly
I love the way it is decorated, too!
Below, a closer look at this scrumptious cake!
What makes this cake so tasty is a tiny bit of coffee flavor----just a touch, not too much......
I love "Sweet Lady Jane's"!
Below, a photo of the Dining Room with those sitting at the table waiting for their cake and coffee which was just about to be served.......
The Beautiful flowers sitting on my Little White Baby Baby Grand, were sent to me by The O'Donnell Family who live in North Carolina. Such sweet dear people. Their son John is a dear old friend and though we haven't seen one another for many years now, we talk on the phone all the time.

No surface in my house is without all sorts of treasures.....Some more personal than others, of course.....

Like that very dear Hippo.
 I love my Happy Hippo.....I found him in London back in 1993, in a Gallery that was across the street from the Old Vic Theatre----He is  very touchable-petable.....
You almost cannot NOT touch him......A closer look at my Beautiful Hippo, below......

And below---doesn't he look like he is smiling in this picture?
Above, a different shot of the table taken by my dear friend Glenn......
My great thanks to Dianne and Katy for bringing their cameras and to Glenn, too, for taking pictures with my camera....without them, there wouldn't have been any pictures, like the one below......

Betty G.'s two daughter-in-laws. (Or is it daughters-in-law?) That's Katy on the left and Karen on the right---Andy and Garrett's wives
Betty always said she gained two daughters with both of these very special women---
(I'm happy to say, I just had a wonderful visit with Katy a few days ago)----I love both these terrific girls, more than I can say.....
Here, below, a closer look at Katy and Karen......
And what's wonderful is they are both very close to each other, too, as are Betty's sons.....I was lucky enough to be the 'Officiant' at both Karen and Garrett's wedding (November 9th, 1991)  and Katy and Andy's wedding, (September 28th, 2002), as well.
Above, Will and his fabulous crew, working in the kitchen.....that yellow box sitting on the corner of their table is, the cake, which you have already seen.......
And the above photo was taken after we had our Birthday Cake and our can see that there is still a coffee cup sitting on the table, way over to the right....And, way over to the left, is Craig's lap, still holding his napkin, and then Dianne and Garrett, Karen, and Andy......
Above, Annie Guilbert's daughter arrived to pick up her Mom and Seemah.....She had driven them from the West Side----Pacific Palisades, to be exact, and now, she had come back to pick them up and take them home.....And someone pointed out that I hadn't opened my presents yet.....And even though I had said 'no presents, please', some people brought them anyway.....
Darling Bridget never comes empty-handed.  She brought me a bottle of wine and two--count them---TWO boxes of!
She knows me too well.....!
Two people brought me Orchids, but I don't have any pictures of them, I'm sorry to say.....Above, I'm looking at the card Seemah gave me......And below.....
I am about to open Annie's present, which was the Leonard Maltan Guide to thousands of films....a wonderful reference paperback for anyone who loves movies!
I had these little soft bears for everyone to take home as a remembrance of the evening, and some July 4th Hats.....incredible that THAT is how long ago my birthday celebration was.....
And now, here it is, labor Day Weekend.

And, I am thrilled to say that June 27th was a wonderful wonderful evening!

More To Come........

NOTE:  I'm sorry it has taken me so long to finish these Birthday Posts.  So much going on, Health-wise and otherwise......It was Emmy voting time, once again, with many many things to watch----quite time consuming, but very enjoyable, too......Thanks for hanging in there with me, my dears....I'll try to post more often, if I can....And, visit you all when I can, too...... 


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