Thursday, February 02, 2006


So, I took a walk today. I realize that may not be a momentous thing for a lot of people, but, for me, due to health was only the second time that I've been out walking right up here in my neighborhood, in a very very long time. The first time was yesterday...

So, today I took my camera along with me, thinking, it's been such a long time since I've walked here, why not really look at everything around me and take some pictures of what I see, as I walk....So that's what I did. And it was fun.

Coming out of my Patio I walked down my street going to the right of my house and past the neighbors right next door....
I stopped when I saw this large tile freeze which is set into the wall (one on either side of their entry) that is right at the sidewalk level, which is really the door that is part of the walls which surround their house as a further protection from sales people and the like, (BLUES!!)...Did I say in that very very l-o-n-g sentence that one of these tile panels is on either side of this gate...? Yeah, I think I did.

I continued on, going past this place to the next house where I saw another tile decoration... this was actually done by one of the people who live in this is very 'artful' and as you can see, extremly colorful...there are quite a few of them--each one different from the other--set into the red brick walk which starts right where the sidewalk ends and goes up to their very HIGH wall, so that it is flush with that wall...this particular house is an old Spanish Style home, one of the older ones on my street.

Walking on past the next house I saw this young woman walking two dogs (very first photograph--up top, too)....and took this photo, having had to turn around facing where I had just come from, to catch it....Notice how broken up the concrete of the street is here...I hadn't really been aware of how truly bad this street was, even though I see it almost every day, till I really looked at these pictures once they were downloaded into my computer. I must say, that I find state of the street rather shocking.

I moved on, having now crossed my street and gone onto a different street that has a small incline. It amazes me that I use to walk this route all the time and probably never noticed all the things I was looking at today. And I was thinking about all this and the fact that so often we don't see the things that are right in front of our eyes until there is a reason to be looking more closely like when carrying a camera
and there, in her Postal truck was my wonderful Postwoman Cheryl. I stopped to talk to her and asked her if she would mind if I took her picture, and she kindly said she didn't mind at all...So here is Cheryl who is the nicest Postperson it's ever been my pleasure to know. During this year when my health has been so precarious, Cheryl has shown me more kindness than anyone could possibly expect from their Postperson. And she has helped me with so very many little things that we all take for granted until we are unable to do them ourselves. And the best thing about her is she is happy in her work so therefor she usually has a smile for you, which I appreciate, more than I can say.

After running into Cheryl, I continued to wend my way up the street thinking, 'Gee, I've seen a woman walking her two dogs and Cheryl' and I was feeling like it's really kind of good to be out here taking this walk.
And then I came to another house with lots of tile! Amazing! Till I started really looking, I hadn't thought about or remembered that there were so very many homes up here that made use of all these fantastic tiles available here in Southern California.
And, I had not given a great deal of thought to the fact that there are so very many houses up here that have walls around them right at the sidewalk level...(some of these many walls were built after previous owner's sold these homes to other people who felt the need for privacy or just wanted to have something to discourage thieves and robbers, I guess)...The house with this door and tile, didn't use to have a wall around it...It's certainly pretty enough I guess, but you have no sense of what is actually behind this wall because it is so very very high. And I can't even remember what this house looked like before the advent of this wall.

So I contiued walking, thinking about all these things that I never ever think about and don't you know I came to something that could have really caused me a huge problem, if I hadn't been watching where I was going. More broken concrete everywhere...and roots had caused this particular probem...the roots of a Carob Tree. (Isn't that an attractive Garbage Can? And that piece of hose is deeply attractive too, isn't it)
The Carob Tree is all over this whole neighborhood and in fact, all over this hill, on every street. (I had three of them in front of my home until I had them cut down so I could create my Cactus Garden out front...And hopefully, I didn't just chop down these trees without thought of what I was doing...) Looking at this mess of a sidewalk, and considering the broken concrete I had seen in the street, earlier, I thought to myself; 'This neighborhood is falling apart'!

I stood there right by that Carob Tree with it's overgrown roots that had busted up the sidewalk so badly that it was more than was, in fact, potentially lethel....and I looked up and marveled at what I saw...marveled at what I have seen 5000 times and just never really 'looked' at what I was looking at, you know....and this is what one see's from where I was standing. You can really get a sense of these hills and how homes have been built on the edge of nowhere and how BIG they are, too...some of them going down the hill 4 and 5 story's. And wondered what incredible mind had the forsight and smarts to figure out how to build in these hills and in fact, in any hills like this. And by the way, I truly do wish it had been a bit earlier in the day because the light would have been quite different and really better for photographing this particular view...

At that point I turned around and started back the other way just so I would not get too tired and decided if I was able to I would walk past my house when going back and start up the hill the other way just a bit... And, I did just that, and discovered this lovely pile of rubble...which came down during those last rains we had at the beginning of January...this happens all the time up here, and has been happening for as long as I can remember, since moving up here, 168 years ago. These hills are decompossing granite and so, consequently every time it rains, more of this material comes down and as you can see, just lays there in the street like this...and again, I'm so used to seeing this kind of thing that I guess I usually don't even notice it, but having the camera with me today I saw things from a different point of view. It is kind of terrible to see all these things that say to me that the city and our tax dollars are not working for anybody living up here on this hill....wherever you turn, there are terrible dangerous traps where anyone might get hurt. Here's another view and now you can see that there is even more rubble and refuse lying about in our streets. Am I the only one that see's this? Possibly. Cause the only reason I'm seeing today is that I have my camera with me. Maybe I should copy this whole post and send it to every member of The Outpost Homeowner's Association...Maybe that might open up their eyes to the problems up here on our streets and then perhaps they could get our city Councilman to do something about it! You think?

I'm not holding my breath!

And, say, aren't these Garbage Cans attractive? You see, tomorrow, Friday, is trash day up here so all the cans have to be put out on Thursday or very very early on Friday morning, like around 5am. So most people put them out the day before. You would think that all these cans came from an apartment building wouldn't you? But no. They are from one (1) home! That's right. One single family dwelling! The Green Cans are for Garden refuse. The Black Cans are for wet and dry plain old house garbage. And the Blue Cans are for recycalable items. I don't know what this one family of 3 or possibly 4 people are doing, but they sure must have a whole lot of something going on to be able to fill all these cans each and every week! They do have a very very big piece of land here, fill six Green Cans with Garden Garbage??? It's not The Huntington, you know?

No, I don't know!

I've got to put something here that's clean and pretty to finish this post because I cannot bear leaving you with the lasting image of those tacky full Garbage Cans. So here...HERE is the front bed of my home. Neat. Clean. And so very pretty. Whew! I can go back into my Rose Colored World now.

And isn't it ironic that I started out showing all these beautiful tiles and then this whole thing deteriorated into piles of broken cement and garbage? OY!

There's more, but I'll save it till the next time....

had this to say:

All things considered, it looks like a nice area to live. Infrastructure deterioration in California is a huge issue and getting bigger everyday THEY DON'T FIX IT, but that's government at...err, work?

Anyway, my point is that, although I live in a suburban oasis, as it were, I am surounder by sprawl. There is not a lot of geographical differentiation (that means it's mostly flat!) in and around Sacramento. I lived in Truckee for a few years and loved it. Someday, I will get out of the flat lands and get back to where things are perhaps a little more rugged, and even maybe a little less maintained.

Point being, it looks like a wonderfully diverse neighborhood with much to see both at your feet and on the horizon.


Thursday, February 2, 2006 at 11:00:00 PM PST 

had this to say:

I just surfed by here one day (clicked on "next blog", I think) and find myself stopping on a regular basis now. I love your garden pictures and show business tales. I was flying into LAX a couple weeks ago, saw the Hollywood sign and thought of you up in the hills...isn't the internet a strange thing???

Friday, February 3, 2006 at 12:32:00 AM PST 

had this to say:

I am so in love with those hills..
I drive up in them when I need to think.
When I need to be alone..
when I just want to be....
its weird the draw they have..
Over from the other Michele's...

Friday, February 3, 2006 at 1:50:00 AM PST 

had this to say:

You must be thankful for the chance to go for a walk. You noticed many things which just passed your attention the many times you walked the same way. You should be making more walks so you can enjoy the many more beautiful and not so beautiful things around.

Cheers from Michele.

Friday, February 3, 2006 at 2:42:00 AM PST 

had this to say:

I'm just sitting here amazed by all those garbage cans. Wow. How can one house generate that much trash??? Makes you wonder what's going on in! Neat post - and I'm glad you got to go for a walk :)

Friday, February 3, 2006 at 6:34:00 AM PST 

had this to say:

Congratualtions on your walk. i know how difficult it can be just to sum up the courage to try it! But what a fantastic reward - seeing everything as though it was the first time again (and in the case of the wall, it was the first time!)

It's something we should all do regularly. Really take a look around us, at familiar things and think what it says about us as a society.

I'm amazed that such a wealthy area is so badly maintained - I guess all you rich folks are supposed to be chauffeured around in cars with blacked out windows or something:-) In the UK road maintenance seems pretty tied in with the wealth of the inhabitants - especially if local councillors live there!

I guess ina way I'm lucky. having moved so often (and being carless, so walking everywhere), I see most of my hometown with new eyes. Thanks for the facinating pictures once again.

Friday, February 3, 2006 at 6:42:00 AM PST 

had this to say:

Thanks for the 'walk' post, similar to one I posted on recently. It's so facinating to see the detail of local life thousands of miles away.
I hadn't realised you had had health problems (you look pretty fit playing pool or snooker in your profile picture)so I am glad that you are up and about again.
We had a drive around your area in 2000 to show the children the Hollywood sign etc, I'm saying your area, am I right?

Friday, February 3, 2006 at 6:53:00 AM PST 

had this to say:

Thanks for letting us walk with you Naomi! Interesting pictures of your neighborhood. It is true that things I see every day I don't really take a good look at. Folks need to be more observant I guess to see the things we miss!

Friday, February 3, 2006 at 7:25:00 AM PST 

had this to say:

Thanks for taking me on the walk with you. The garbage bins oyvey what on earth are they doing in that place.
I am glad you were feeling up to taking a walk and that you remembered the camera :)
Michele sent me but I am here all the time lol.

Friday, February 3, 2006 at 10:06:00 AM PST 

had this to say:

Great pictures and great post!
Michele sent me. I'll be back.

Friday, February 3, 2006 at 10:13:00 AM PST 

had this to say:

Wow those were some great photos! Quite a walk! Looks like the Hollywood hills, I used to live right by the sign when I was a nanny. Now I'm a valley girl! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!! Cya around!

Friday, February 3, 2006 at 12:11:00 PM PST 

had this to say:

not just a walk, an adventure......did you see michele on your walk?

Friday, February 3, 2006 at 1:50:00 PM PST 

Blogger ~A~
had this to say:

And I thought my household of 6 generated a lot of garbage.

I loved the tile and enjoyed your walk. :) I hope you're able to get out there more.

Here by way of Michele's.

Friday, February 3, 2006 at 1:54:00 PM PST 

Blogger jac
had this to say:

every time i visit your site i find something else to like! your "walk" post is so interesting from start to finish. i'm so glad you got out to walk, taking the chance to see things in a different light. sometimes forcing ourselves to really be present and "see" is what it takes to get a glimpse of those things we take for granted.
i hope and pray that your health continues to improve and that you have the opportunity to continue your walks in your beautiful, rustic, enchanting neighborhood.
here via michele's!

Friday, February 3, 2006 at 2:03:00 PM PST 

had this to say:

Thanks for stopping by my blog via Michele. I loved going with you on your walk. That makes me want to take my camera along for my next walk.

Friday, February 3, 2006 at 2:05:00 PM PST 

had this to say:

Man, if you think your neighborhood is falling apart, I suggest you stay in California and never ever go back east. Our roads are tar, not cement, and the frost heaves create huge potholes and cracks. Plus most of our tree plantings on the street are white oaks, a big mistake as they have very large taproots and lift up sidewalks everywhere they are planted.

I did love the garbage of your neighbor and showed it to my son. He complains about 1 fricking can and 1 recycling bin. I thought he should see how easy his life really is.

Here from Michele

Saturday, February 4, 2006 at 11:46:00 AM PST 

had this to say:

Hi Naomi! I love this interesting reportage and great photos. It's always a pleasure to see where my dear friend walk around. I like so much your neighborhood. So nice your Postwoman Cheryl. She looks a happy lady.

You are right about "the fact that so often we don't see the things that are right in front of our eyes until there is a reason to be looking more closely". This wise words worthy about any issue in our life.

Thank you Naomi, for sharing your "walk" with us. I am looking forward to see more photos from your neighborhood.

Sunday, February 5, 2006 at 5:08:00 AM PST 

had this to say:

what a lovely walk! And the pictures you took were great. I felt like I was walking along with you! I might have to do the same sometime!

Sunday, February 5, 2006 at 12:13:00 PM PST 

had this to say:

well, i was gonna go for a walk today, but after reading/viewing your post, no need - you did it for me heh heh

i like it when Michele sends me here

Sunday, February 5, 2006 at 2:39:00 PM PST 

had this to say:

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Tuesday, February 7, 2006 at 9:29:00 AM PST 

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