Friday, December 28, 2012
happy new year 2013

And so another year is almost at an end, and a new one, is about to begin...! I cannot believe it is going to be 2013!
I honestly never thought I would live to see 2013...In fact, I didn't think I would live to see the year 2000! Or, even 1984, for that matter. I thought I would be so old by! At 53, I didn't even know what "old" was, back then, did I.....?
Here below, is one if the Great Theatre Actresses of our time---Patti LuPone!
Singing a song---words and music by, one of the greatest Theatre Composers of our time, Stephen Sondheim, from his iconic musical of the early 1970's....
This was recorded in 1992 at a live concert called:
"Sondheim: A Celebration At Carnegie Hall".
(Available on DVD and worth every penny)

Here she is:
Miss Patti LuPone singing,
"Being Alive"
See you all in 2013......

More To Come.......

Sunday, December 23, 2012
merry christmas!

Here is one of my very favorite Christmas songs, from one of my very favorite films, "Meet Me In St. Louis", introduced and sung by one of my very favorite stars, the irreplaceable Judy Garland....I love that it captures the many feelings that the Holidays bring up in so many of us....the nostalgia and the sadness for times gone by, and the Hope for a Wonderful Future....
Wishing everyone who comes by here, a Very Merry Christmas, filled with lots of Joy and the comfort and closeness of Family and Friends, plus, lots of yummy food---including one of my very favorite foods, Chocolate!!!

More To Come........

Sunday, December 16, 2012
sadness & outrage

The sadness that permeates these days, is overwhelmming. The unimaginable, unspeakable tragedy in Connecticut on Friday, overwhelms everything else right now. 
Is this the time that Gun Laws will finally be addressed with "Meaningful Action", as President Obama suggested, or, will it take more unfathomable insane acts to force those who can and should address this rampant epidemic, to do something truly meaningful!
All one needs to do is look at the pictures of those little faces---to read the ages of those little children who were alive Friday morning on the way to school, and who are now, dead!
One can think of nothing else right now.
My Heart goes out to all those who lost loved ones in Newtown on Friday.
It is, as I said, completely unfathomable.

More To Come.........  

Note: I have had to stop Anonymous comments on my blog because the amount of Spam has gotten out of control....I am sorry about this, but, for now, that is what I need to do...... 

Friday, December 07, 2012
more halloween

So here we are, back at Halloween.....sorry it has taken me so long, but....better late than never.
Our Lunch was Quiche and Salad---a very yummy salad--Butter Lettuce, Caramelized Pecans and Pears.....It is my very favorite salad, and everyone loves Quiche.....
And, for desert......
Not the greatest picture I ever took....but, still, two fabulous cakes....The Lemon Hazelnut Meringue (Yuuuummmmmmmm),
The Deep Dark Chocolate Sweet Lady Jane Cake....again, everybody's favorites!
Of course, Coffee, etc., and then, it was time to open our Gift Bags!

This darling Bear was everyone's favorite....!
They loved their Caps, too.....I thought they were so colorful and fun! And living in Southern California, these are caps that everyone will actually use.
I love how Annie tried to put her cap on the top of her Shocking Pink!
As always, There were lots of silly things in the Gift Bags.
Little things that moved when you wound them up; Halloween Cups; Special Halloween Sun Glasses; Jewelry---Yes, very silly Jewelry, but, Jewelry nevertheless....
I found these Plastic Spider Rings---talk about silly...and of course, we always have to have fake 'bling'.....
And you have to have some kind of Skeleton on Halloween---this is a slinky rubbery skeleton--So Very Cute!!!
And there was this very very silly Ghost Necklace, too.......And then, there was a silly Halloween Pen.....

And, three different Key Chains....
Each of them were so cute....
The Rubber Chicken Key Chain---Truly Silly....And then the practical Flashlight Key Chain, and then---last but not least----the adorable "Sneaker" Key Chain....ALL of them so incredibly silly, but ALL of them so really cute and actually  usable........

More To Come........ 

Note: I think there will be one more Halloween Post and then, by that time, it will practically be Christmas! (lol)

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