Friday, October 30, 2009
boo, two!

I love these 'Ghosties'....! They seem not really scary at all, yet they certainly set the Halloween mood....! Above, there were some of these floating Ghosts blowing in the wind. It was late afternoon and the sun was going the wrong way which gave them a slight eeriness that I liked a lot! And the combination of a few gravestones and ghosts really sets the tone of Halloween to me.....Personally, of all the displays that I saw in my little outings there in Beverly Hills this one is still my favorite. Between the Ghost Fence and The Scarecrows and these wonderful floating Ghosts and some headstones....This is Halloween, to me. Something about the light that afternoon and the bit of wind that seemed ever present, really made these Ghosts look like they were moving and somewhat 'alive'. This one above is kind of spooky but not in a very scary way....At least, not to me.....the essence of 'scary' is there, but so is the humor, you know? This one above, looks like he or she, is Dancing.....I love this one. I'm grateful to the wind for creating all that movement. It is what makes them look kind of 'alive' to me. I love the light in these gives all these floating ghosts a rather ethereal feeling, doesn't it? Another dancing ghost above! I wish I had some music to go with this...I still haven't learned how to do that. This post really cries out for some kind of ethereal ghost-like themes..... I love that you can see a little bit of the house in this picture above.....It really sits waaaaay back from the street and in truth, the ghosts are floating in a somewhat open this picture is deceiving..... This picture above was taken on a different day----earlier in the day, and it was a gorgeous day, I might add....and you can see the house a bit better---it is a stone house and really quite beautiful from what you can see of it from the street, which really isn't a whole lot.....And it does look like these ghosts are right next to the house, but in actuality...they aren't.These two Ghosts above, seem to be having a dancing you can see a tiny bit of one of those Scarecrows there at the lower right of the picture...... Here above, a look at the original picture before I cropped it down to just the two ghosts....You can see the Scarecrow and over on the far right, another Ghost. And you can see we have a tree or two here in Los Angeles that does turn color in the fall....... On that second very Beautiful Day, here are some of the gravestones and way in the back you can see a few of the floating Ghosties.....The sky was probably not actually that blue, but it was a very very blue sky that day....A glorious Southern California day with just the right temperature....... And above, there is 'Mr. Blue' and a couple of those sweet Ghosties and that sky in this picture is closer to how it actually looked on that glorious day.... I kind of love this picture because you get a sense of the bigness of this front yard from a certain angle and you can see the floating Ghosts and some of the Scarecrows too......Do click on all these pictures so you can see them much bigger.....Below, a closer look at these guys above. And one more eerie looking picture below.....I love the scarecrow in silhouette and the dear Ghosts floating as if in space...... And so, as we close in on Halloween, I hope you all have a wonderful fun time......I'm having this "Ladies Who Lunch" in honor of Halloween and I will be taking pictures, of course. I will post them as soon as I can, but, as you know, these things take time......Here below, one last picture of this house on Sunset, just to remind you of the overall look of this front yard from the Sunset Boulevard side....which was from afar...... Happy Halloween to one and all......Try not to eat too much

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

There is a house on Sunset Blvd---fairly soon after you enter Beverly Hills---that for as long as I can remember has decorated their big corner property for every Holiday there is. The house is now owned by other people, but these 'new' people have kept up the tradition, though if memory serves, the decorating may not be quite as elaborate.....Still, I love that they have honored what the previous long time owners had been doing for years and years and years.... In this picture above is the view of the display as seen from our moving car on Sunset Blvd. as you are going east, and just before you turn onto Mountain, as is the picture below, too......For Halloween, the three main things that fill this whole front lawn are the hanging Ghost's, some Gravestones, and a lot of stuffed-with-hay Scarecrows......Plus, this rather fun sweet wooden fence of Ghosts that are holding hands, and looking very cute I might add, as a fourth element that pretty much surrounds the part of the property where the decorations can be seen. The house sits way back from the street and is quite huge.......In the first and second pictures above, you can see the hanging ghosts from far away as well as some of the Gravestones, and in the the third picture just above these words, you can see quite a few of those rather colorful Scarecrows.....As I said, the property goes around the corner, so there is a big expanse with lots of trees and a huge lawn, too, as is seen in the very first picture...... This view above is from Mountain and is where the Ghost fence begins as we are looking towards Sunset Blvd. as it goes West......There is a stop sign at the corner of Sunset and Mountain which you can see in the picture above....You can also see a few of those stuffed Scarecrows...... And here above, the opposite view, looking up Mountain. I just love, love, love that Ghost Fence. I think it is so very clever and really really whimsical, too. Below, a closer look at some of those Scarecrow Figures..... I loved that there were quite a few of the Scarecrows near these lovely flowers....These were all on the Mountain side of the house..... And below....a closer look at more of these fun Scarecrows..... Mr. Blue! All patches and stuffing....and below, a closer look at his mate over there on the right..... And here below are some other Scarecrows.....All, very imaginative.....At least, I think they are..... Above, a mother and child? Or maybe a father and child--just sitting there on the grass.....thinking. Or is it a couple contemplating life.... Well....whatever he is thinking, it doesn't appear that he is having any very happy Here's another little grouping standing in the bushes close to the edge of this property....There must have been 25 of these Scarecrow characters all together...... Above, a little 'Smokey The Bear' Scarecrow? Well, I know he doesn't look exactly like him but that's who came to mind when I saw this picture...... Here's a little family.....with another person standing over on the side...Let's have a closer look at them...... They look like a pretty happy group, don't they? Now this guy above......well, I don't know what to say about was thinking about the time it takes to put up this huge display.....I'm not sure when they start but it has to take quite a lot of time, unless they have a crew that helps them with it all..... And all the thought that goes into putting this together and placing all these Scarecrows.....Very Very impressive! I love this guy leaning against the tree.....A lot of thought went into the the placement of this darling fellow, don't you think? I love this guy way up there in the tree over on the right.....Let's take a closer look at him.....He is really cute! Next time, we'll see the Ghost's and the Gravestones......And guess what, Halloween is just around the corner now.......

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Friday, October 23, 2009
foolish ghoulish

Taking a ride into Beverly Hills, once again, we decided to see if there were some other homes that had done a bit of Halloween decorating.....And indeed, we found a number of them. This guy above was actually standing in the window, inside one of the houses we came across.....He is pretty realistic in an early-Hollywood-Horror-Film kind of way.....Below is a closer look at his rather scary face...... Shawn suggested that the owners of this house might want to keep him in the window all year round....! (lol) Well it certainly might help keep potential vandal's away, that's for sure.....This house had the most ghoulish things of any of the homes we saw.....Here below are some of the truly bloody things that they had hanging about......And this guy below could be the brother of the one! I turned him upside down---well, right side up, to us---Just to see what he would look like if he weren't hanging upside down, which he was..... Such a handsome devil, isn't he? And that beautiful jagged neck!! Oh My! I was talking to Lee Meriwether today and she was telling me that out where she lives all the homes are decorated in this ghoulish manner and that the kids love it! I think they have seen too much Freddy Kruger and other stuff like that.....(HELP!) This guy below is in a coffin! Well, of course he is.....! Do you think those eyes light up at night? Here below is a better picture of him showing a bit more of the coffin that he calls 'home'....... And of course, the obligatory cobwebs, everywhere.....The architecture of the outside of this house lent itself to these 'period' Halloween decorations...This next one is really interesting to me...... This 'tableaux' is on a skinny little balcony outside a window on the second floor of the house....There is this person carrying a pumpkin under one arm and a head in his other hand....Let's look a bit closer..... And then.....the most wonderfully exceptional part of this display......This expressive face with that cigarette hanging out of his mouth. It truly looks like some Special Effects Make-Up Wizard created this head....And maybe he or she did! I think the detail is really fantastic! Here above is another amazing creature...! She is hanging from somewhere and again, the detail of the face and the way the costume falls is quite extraordinary...... She is hanging up there along with this huge red spider person...... And below, a closer look at this really quite-beautifully-made Spider Lady.....Fur and all! But the most ghoulish thing of all---to me---is this next picture. And these three things----the hanging creature, the red spider and this thing below, were all hanging near each other up pretty high....It is extremely gruesome, my dears...... Oy Vey Izmeer...! This was the worst! Okay. I'll leave you with an image that is not as gruesome as the rest.....Well, I might have thought it was horribly gruesome before I saw all the rest of them......! And closer in on his head....... Oh Dear....! It is pretty gruesome....Well, I'm sorry if I have freaked many of you out. But, this is what is happening here in Southern California......It's incredible, but the kids really love all this ghoulish stuff.....! No kidding, they do! Hard for me to fathom, but it is true. Below is one of the least scary characters at this particular house, though he is rather stern looking. Over to his right (in the picture below) is a more ghoulish thing, but I am done showing you ghoulish things--Well, at least in this post.....(lol)!
The Pilgrim-ish looking gentleman is sitting in a chair on the far left side of the garden of this house....Here below, a much closer picture of him.......
And one more [icture below, an even closer look at his rather fierce face.....I must say I wondered what period and what country this whole display was supposed to be from....Any ideas? I admire the detail of his face even down to his slightly curling lip! I love the leaves from the tree in this picture....And the huge hedge behind him is interesting to me, too.....All these houses in the flats of Beverly Hills are right next to each other---there is practically no land between houses whatsoever. I believe the legal limit is 20 feet between each house, and every home has used every inch of that 20 feet. In this case, the Hedge gives these people a lot of privacy that they would not have otherwise.....One more close up of this fairly benign guy.... You know, he's actually a rather good looking man...! (What Am I Saying...????) Well, next to all the creepy things this place had out in front of their house...he is the least offensive creature of them all.....That's not saying a lot, but, I do admire the detailing of his being......Hallowwen is creeping up on us, isn't it? And creeping us out, too......!

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